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Vitmo® GmbH, situated at Esslingen, Germany, offers innovative hygiene and health care products targeted on the field of infection prophylaxis, emergency care as welle the CBRN protection.

"In a crisis scenario there is nothing worse than to find out what you should do and at the same time to realize that you are not able to do it." Oberst Hächler, Swiss Army. Our clientele and their demands are our motivation when developping our products.

The evident danger of terrorism, bird and swine flue and pandemies require fast and effective action. Therefore efficiency and quality is in the focus when we are developping Vitmo® products.

Like in space science where hight tech products were develloped which found their way into daily life, vitmo® supplies products coming from that are coming from emergency aid experience and are though well tested in extreme situations. Vitmo® products support anyone to overcome emergency situations easily.

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