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MRSA-prophylaxe! the future in patients protection and security!

Vitmo® - ANTI-MRSA-mattress

For a comprehensive MRSA-prophylaxe offers Vitmo health & care an exclusively developed anti-allergic MRSA mattress which offers clear advantages compared with customary mattresses in all ill areas and nursing areas. The anti-MRSA mattress offers:

For the first time it is to be produced successfully a mattress foamed with polyurethane as well as a hygiene relation PU with a long-term-active effect which kills illness-exciting organisms like the MRSA cause (Staphylococcus aureus), fungicides and house dust mites. The mattress as a restlessness stove by a warm bed climate is cancelled permanently. The MRSA risk is lowered and an expansion of the MRSA causes is dammed.

An optimum couch comfort is supported by highly dynamic polyurethane foamed materials. The Vitmo anti-MRSA mattress causes a good storage up to the decubitus I. The anti - MRSA relation improves the care of incontinent patients. The cleaning as well as the disinfection are easy.

The anti MRSA relation is washable with 95 ° C, 105 ° C tumbler firmly or wish desinfection to RKI.

Vitmo-Anti-MRSA-mattress with Anti-MRSA-PUR-relation
  • lasting ANTI MRSA mattress
  • lasting ANTI-MRSA-PUR-relation
  • to two-page zipper
  • space weight RW 55
  • size: 200 x 90 x 140 cms or
  • dimensions for cribs
  • hardness 3.0 kPa
  • anatomical cube shaping
  • for decubitus stage I
  • actively for all isolation areas
  • preventively for all hospitals, old people's homes and nursing homes

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