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vomit bag with superabsorber against hazardous body fluids

Vitmo® disposable vomit bags

The VitmoŽ - disposable vomit bags are developed to safeguard the individual from coming in contact with potentially hazardous body fluids. They are a quick assistant with feeling of sickness. The ergonomic design helps all age proups and genders to use the product with or without help. Robust cover takes up vomited fast. Antibacterial polymer crystals inside of the bag bind the liquid of the vomited immediately after use. Germs, illness causes and disagreeable smells are absorbed. The vomit bag can be simply closed.


grey vomit bag with antibacteriel superabsorber
vomit bag in grey
  • with antimicrobial super absorber
  • fold into a pocket size - portable
  • robustly
  • suppresses strong odours
  • against cross contamination and infection desease
  • with antimicrobial superabsorber
  • easy to close
  • capacity: approximately 250 ml

best in practice: white vomit bag with a ring for a quick close
vomit bag with ring in white
  • with antimicrobial super absorber
  • white foil for analysis of the vomited
  • robustly
  • suppresses strong odours
  • against hazardous body fluids
  • easy to close
  • ring diameter: 10 cm
  • capacity: approximately 350 ml
  • easy to close, ideal for dirty areas in the A, B, C - decontamination, for emercency situation with flights, ships and boots, for intencive care and transport

NATO stock number.: 8105-12-375-9059

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