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Washing without water - the future of cleaning

Vitmo® impregnated wash and care gloves for skin

Requirements to human hygiene are something quite new in view of new infectious germs acting now and of the worldwide worsening of water household conditions. For this reason, Vitmo health & care has on offer some modern products for cleaning and care of people's skin.

For intensive medical care, medical military service, emergency ambulance, aged care services, A, B, C-decontamination offer an Impregnated Care Glove for direct cleaning and care of skin. There are minifold advantages for the patients:

The glove can be used where ever water is running short and contains morbific agents or bears the risk of infectious diseases. It prevents cross contamination from patient to patient.

The moist glove allows direct washing and care of any part of the body without using water.The glove being provided with some hyperallergenic cleaning and body lotion removes any possible germ and even those substances which can be found after chemo-therapeutic treatment. The body wash glove leaves your skin feeling soft. The glove is gentle on sensitive skin, it protects your skin, from drying out.

The antiallergenic lotion has been tested in several university clinics with regards to its compatibility with the skin. The incredients promote an antibacterial effect by cleaning the skin according to DIN EN ISO 20645. The antibacteriel results for staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae are profed by the laboratory of University Albstadt-Sigmaringen, for Life Sciences.

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