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urinary drainage system for urological use - with antimicrobial superabsorber

Vitmo® urinary drainage system with superabsorber

For the protection of the infection which are caused about twill liquids like urine offers Vitmo ® an urinary drainage system. Quick absorbent hydrophilic polymer crystals transform the urine into a gel-like substance. The crystals contain antimicrobial agents which inhibits bacterial growth and fungus growth such as E. Coli, PS Auroginosa and other urinary bacteria. The polymer encapsulates the urine and becomes safe for disposal as regular trash.


vitmo® - urinary drainage system
  • urine is bound gel-like
  • with antimicrobial superabsorber
  • suppresses odour
  • only for urological use
  • tube: 90 cm
  • capacity: 2000 ml

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