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sterile disposable double-layer to avoid cross-contamination

Vitmo® MEDMAP® - sterile wound pad

with absorbent double-layer system and integrated waste bag

The sterile wound care pad was developed specifically to meet the requirements of infectious risks in emergency within contaminated areas. A sterile, absorbent bilayer system minimizes the risk of cross contamination and is an effective barrier against infection.

VitmoŽ MEDMAP protects both patient and clinician and provides a clean environment in which to carry out any procedure that requires a sterile field. It provides a barrier to cross contamination at present not available in the healthcare market.

The layers are on top of each absorbing the other liquid on the bottom. The wound as well as the overlying surface is protected from possible contamination by infectious wounds, pollution and waste. The bottom layer is kept clean for further treatment.

The wound pad has an integrated waste bag makes it simple to pick up the dirt

An adhesive strip on the bottom of the pad holds the wound care requirement e.g. on a hospital trolley, a a NATO stretcher.

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